General Information

PT. Rachmat Kelantan Sakti, is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia, located in Demat Lebar Daun No.4273 Palembang, based on the Deed of Establishment No.01 April 1, 2005 the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: C-34 241 HT .01.01.TH.2005.

PT Rachmat Kelantan Sakti is a company whose core business as a provider rental services heavy equipment for the Oil & Gas operations such as Vacuum Truck, Crane, Trailler and other heavy equipment used in drilling activities and service operations, and are experienced in serving some PPP operating in South Sumatra.

Heavy equipment leased meets the standards of safe operation and through regular inspection and regular maintenance are planned through the Equipment Maintenance program. In addition, heavy equipment being leased is also operated by personnel trained operator and have a License issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

The entire heavy equipment has been fitted with safety equipment and vehicle papers (document). Permit the operation of heavy equipment required by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is in conformity with the rules and standards of HSE (K3).


PT. Rachmat Kelantan Sakti would be a public company that is widely known and be at the forefront by providing services and services of the highest quality, especially in the field of leasing services, supply and trade Heavy Duty Equipment, is not limited to companies that are engaged in the oil and gas sector but to all sectors business and start in the first quarter of 2014 PT.Rachmat Kelantan Way doing business development in the field of pipeline, be it for distribution, supply and maintenance.


  • Providing service, quality, and the best satisfaction to the customers, build and create the best image of the company.
  • Plans to expand operations by offering competitive prices to customers with the best unit.
  • Priority to safety in order to satisfy the customers and employees of PT. Rachmat Kelantan Sakti.
  • Creating a good working environment and foster good relationships with customers, suppliers and staff.